We're Wooden Hammer.  Here's what we do:

Cabinetry & Furniture | Cabinets and furniture are the details that truly customize any space. From built-ins to freestanding pieces, we take pride in the work we do out of our small woodshop in Monkton, Vermont.

Renovations & Home Improvement | We love renovating old homes. There are many well-made and beautiful existing homes in this country that just need a little attention. Re-imaging spaces like these is both fun and challenging. How do you make an old space your own? How do you update and maximize the flow and energy of a house built in a different time, with different living patterns and values in mind? There’s always a solution, often more than one, and finding it is exciting and satisfying.

Wooden Hammer is fully certified by the EPA to work in the pre-1978 housing, in accordance with the new Federal lead safety rules.

Commercial Remodeling | Having a comfortable, functional office or commercial space is just as important as having a comfortable, functional home. When working with another business, we apply the same attention to detail and creative problem solving as on any other job.

Design & Visualization | We enjoy working with our customers to design new spaces and furniture, whether it be through scribbling on the back of a napkin or creating a 3-D computer rendering.